High Point University Dorm Curbside Pick up for $445


What is included:

  • Use of a Safe Crate

  • Combination Lock

  • 2 Boxes and Tape

  • Storage of the Safe Crate for the summer in our secure, climate controlled warehouse close to campus . 

Pick Up and Delivery Location: Dorm Curbside. We will deliver the crate outside your dorm building, you roll the Safe Crate back to your dorm room, pack, and then roll the Safe Crate back to the Dorm Curbside at your desired time. We will transport the Safe Crate to our warehouse. When you arrive back on campus to start the next semester, the Safe Crate with your belongings will be delivered to your new dorm outside at a designated curbside location, roll the Safe Crate to your dorm room, unpack your belongings in your new dorm room, and then deliver the Safe Crate back to us at the same location. (You don't get to keep the crate. But, at the end of the summer, you can keep the combination lock.)

Total Cost: $445 + tax

Non-refundable deposit to Reserve: $75 (Yes, you owe $370 after deposit)